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We are Maya von Dach and Manfred Suter, both 50+ and come from the heart of Switzerland, the canton of Zug, near Lucerne, the most beautiful city in the world. Here we live with our two Belgian shepherd dogs "Dartos" and "Pango" and the cat ladies "Sugar" and "Amarone".

We prefer to spend our free time - whether at home or abroad - in nature. There we refuel, look forward to trifles, birds (we are both field ornithologists), insects and mammals, but also simply the tranquility, wonderful landscapes or weather-related moods.

Traveling has been our passion for a long time. We aim for goals that offer sun and warmth and where there is a lot to observe. Most of the time we are self-driving and prefer the simple life as self-catering with a roof tent or in simple accommodation. For us, sun, wind and freedom are the luxury we enjoy when traveling. Having time, let landscapes affect us, not only to see animals, but to search and find them.


Our curiosity is limitless. Until now it was mostly the time that limited our vacation. Nevertheless, we were and still are on the road a lot and like to learn new things. Since on the one hand our passion belongs to photography and image editing (Manfred Suter Photography) and writing is fun (Maya), and on the other hand our families, friends and others are always interested in our experiences, we are happy to give you an insight into our adventures on this website to give near and far. Here you will find our travel reports and diaries.


We also appreciate taking on challenging tasks as employees in volunteer projects. In doing so, we got to know and understand comprehensive animal protection and large contexts as well as people and cultures. You can find our reports about it here .

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