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Happiness means creating and seizing opportunities


We have both been traveling together for 20 years now and have followed the above motto. We have worked for our happiness, both at work and in our free time, and we still do. Until the end of March 2023, we - Maya since her early retirement in 2020 at least temporarily and Manfred with a reduced workload - were involved in working life. 

We were and are lucky enough to have children and dogs; they have helped determine and enriched our lives. Maya has three adult sons and a great-granddaughter, Manfred always worked with protection dogs that lived in the family.

We have traveled together for many years because our curiosity knows no bounds. What started as an organized short trip to an Egyptian resort has now become our everyday life: being out and about, experiencing new things, enjoying the sun, water, earth and wind as well as the culture, food and drink of other countries, with open eyes and ears go through the world. We prefer being alone and wild nature to cities and crowds and love the wildlife that captivates us.

Our countless short trips around the world and different continents as well as our volunteer work in various areas, with people and animals, have ultimately shown us the direction and our skills and favorite activities complement our desire to travel. At the beginning of 2023 we sold our dream homes in the canton of Zug, and since then we have limited ourselves to a few motorized square meters of interior space and the huge garden that every environment offers us. Letting go of our usual home freed our hands to take the wheel and experience the whole world as home. In Bushbaby or the many tourist accommodations that are available everywhere - even at home. Without any rush and with as much time as we want to spend in one place.

Since February 2023 we have been traveling in Southern Africa with Bushbaby, our dream vehicle built for us, renewing beautiful memories and experiencing and exploring new things. Manfred captures this in photos while I write (diary), translate and make sure that my books get distributed to people for a good cause. 

Thank you for visiting our site, where we like to tell you in words and pictures about what we have experienced, what is impressive, what is special and touching.

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