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Traveling has been a part of my life for a long time and I have already had the privilege of getting to know the world or at least different parts of it at work, which I always enjoyed. I love driving a vehicle through unfamiliar areas, so I'm usually the driver on our trips - especially in cities where you have to fight through traffic, like Palermo, or in off-road areas.


After almost 35 years with the same employer, always with a four-legged colleague at my side, I have been in early retirement since the end of March 2023. After we had to let some friends go very early, I started to calculate whether and when it would be possible for us to turn our dreams of traveling without a fixed income into reality. Since we want to live modestly, that seemed possible. Our first plan failed due to health reasons (herniated disc and operations), but now, three years later, we are on our way.

My passion is photography, which, like so many other photographers, I taught myself and developed further with a lot of commitment and learning, for example from tutorials, and of course with ever better technology. My specialty is animal and especially bird photos.


I like to improve my photos using the technology available so that their message is highlighted as best as possible, but not changed. This means that the photos that the camera produces based on my settings become my very own images. This is a creative process, a translation of what is available to what is - in my eyes and hopefully those of the viewer - the best.

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