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As so often, the holiday feeling begins in Olmo Gentile in Piedmont. We are spoilt with delicacies at "La Posta" and the small campsite with everything you need, an insider tip, is waiting for guests. Everything is in bloom, the sun is shining, although it is still very cool, and we enjoy walking and cycling through hazel bushes and vineyards.

The second stage takes us to the sea at Cinque Terre, but here the campsites are already full and we look for a wild spot, for which Bushbaby even crosses a stream bed. 

In Liguria's hinterland, at the foot of the Apennines, Bushbaby stays for four nights at "Al Vecchio Tonio", where Claudio cooks for us. A beautiful area and mmmmh, the cuisine.

We decide in favour of the islands, but the weather is not yet inviting for a trip, so we take a leisurely drive down to Civittavecchia, which delights us.

7 Nächte


Clouds and a cool wind greet us in Sardinia. We set off from Olbia in a southerly direction with short journeys and sometimes long stops. Porto San Paolo and Porto Corallo offer us birds, leisure, sea walks and views. The 4x4 journey from Dorgali into the mountains remains unforgettable, and not just because of the first damage to the vehicle. We explore culture (towers, nuraghi) and culinary delights, enjoying simply having as much time as we want and travelling wherever we feel like going. We often enjoy the fact that you can still camp in the wild in the low season, we never have any problems because of this.

The journey takes us along the south and west coast and we often stop at lagoons where we observe the rich birdlife, including flamingos. We celebrate my 60th birthday with hiking, cycling and good food in Regio al Mare near Alghero. Finally, we enjoy the north. The turquoise blue sea and the wild cliffs, endless walks and wonderful rides, cheerful villages and good food as well as funny encounters with locals, other tourists and animals will remain in our memories.


5 Wochen

Around Sardinia

Even the entrance to the harbour of Bonifacio is extremely impressive: steep cliffs with a fortress protecting the old town. First we enjoy Porto Vecchio, another pretty little town on the south coast, before cycling to Bonifacio and exploring the old town. Then we take a leisurely climb up the west coast in several stages. Campsites are compulsory here and we are lucky enough to find beautiful places from which to explore the surrounding area. We attend a Corsican concert in Acaccjo, but it gets very hot and we flee to the mountains. We remember beautiful hikes to waterfalls and Monte Cintu as well as the adventure of the rope park.

We could have explored Corsica for much longer, but even that much time is limited at some point and the express ferry takes us from Bastia to Livorno, from where we return home in a hurry.

2 Wochen


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