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April 19 to May 12, 2013

For once we are aiming in a new direction. The Kgalakgadi (Chalachadi) National Park is located in the north-west of South Africa and the north-west of Botswnanas on the southern border with Namibia. Two river valleys, mostly dry and a lot of drought await us here. And a diverse animal world ...

Drakensberg to Sokhanda

4 nights

From Johannesburg south into the Drakensberg, into the National Parks Royal Natal and Cathedral Park, where we are surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape. Birds of prey and colorful, long-tailed small birds, waterfalls and hikes make our days an unparalleled chain of experiences.

For us it is a new, spectacular section of South Africa, which we would like to explore longer after this trial trip.

We cross Zululand to the east, where we are impressed by the many of the Boer War.

The national parks of Ithaca and the reserve of Somkhanda challenge us and our 4x4 car. The hilly roads allow countless thousands of valleys to meander on serpentine roads, to rivers and to lookout points. It's wild and adventurous, wonderful. The wildlife in Somkhanda is certainly not outstanding, but the landscape is spectacular.

Zululands North and HIP

7 nights

Our journey continues to the northeast, to Tembe, where we experienced great volunteer weeks and to Nadumo, a park that we have not been able to visit before, but which has always appealed to us. Thanks to a guided tour, we reach the bird-rich swamps and discover the rich fauna of Ndumo in the best possible way.

Tembe with its elephants, sandy forests, swamps and wide savannah landscapes on the border with Mozambique not only brings great memories but is worth every minute of the drive.

On the country roads we leave the area again towards the coast - nowhere in South Africa are there apparently so many small animals and people on the streets as here. The journey leads through original, densely populated areas.

Finally we visit Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. Well-known and loved, rich in animals, exciting, wonderful.

Coast and Umhlanga

4 nights

The destination of our trip is Umhlanga, where the wedding of Manfred's twin brother to Nadine, a native of South African, takes place.

We stay in the wild as long as we can. In Umlalazi we scour the swamps, take long walks and, in addition to a visit to the shopping center in Umhlanga, where decent shoes have to be bought for the big party, we also go on a journey of discovery here in the great outdoors.

The wedding on the beach, accompanied by Zulu dances and songs, is impressive.

Full of wonderful memories and experiences, with thousands of photos, we drive back to Johannesburg for the flight home.

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