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After an always exciting sport (artistic gymnastics in the national team), family (very young 3 sons) and professional life (educational and social areas, political environment, community and urban development), I was able to take early retirement at the age of 58.

In addition to traveling, which my parents instilled in me, reading and writing have always been my passions. Letters, poems (all destroyed), diaries, newspaper reports, speeches and and and... 


Warmth, sun, new things attract me and do me good, just like good company or being alone. I like to take control of my life and shape my world, even though it can be very small, like in Bushbaby. Here we can set the direction together and choose our locations, from desert to sea to mountains.


For me it means luxury to have the time to not just absorb a new world for a short time, but to experience the seasons or experience different moods and weather conditions. Watching the animals live or simply not seeing them - taking what comes, which also means creating and seizing opportunities and possibilities... 


In quiet times, I enjoy searching for and finding sentences and words when translating, twisting and turning until they suit me and say what I think is the right thing. The fact that I'm dealing with the area that I like, Africa at the moment, is fun because it allows me to delve even deeper into what surrounds me. I'm happy when, in addition to the action and excitement, I can pass on to readers the feeling for a landscape and its inhabitants. The fact that I can renew or find friendships with wonderful people makes me happy, as does the fact that I don't have to make money from it, but can pass on what comes out for a good cause.


The fact that I can experience the enthusiasm for traveling and being on the road with my loved one and in good health is a special blessing. We share our passion, support each other in our pursuits and find ways even when we rub against each other, which is unavoidable in a small space and what feels like thousands of decisions. We have developed our strategies for such moments, which have worked quite well so far. Because above all: allow yourself the freedom that we have earned and are allowed to enjoy...

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