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Everything is organized, the apartment, cats and pango are lovingly looked after by Ruth, and for the first time we really go on the trip with Bushbaby. After and near the sun, that's how we set our goals. The closeness ultimately expands further than expected.

Accompany us on the journey through different countries and stations ...

Rundreise 2020

August 23 to September 13, 2020

It is home to the heart, the little Melchtal in Obwalden. It's too cold on Alp Seefeld, so Bushbaby climbs to the other side at the back of the valley. The Alps are deserted, we settle down near the chapel. We stay here for three nights, where the bells of the cattle and the barking of the fox are the only sounds in the night. We spend the days picking mushrooms and hiking. The big tour takes us to sunny days, past the Horn, to the Gibel and to Käserstatt. Shortly beforehand, a sole leaves Manfred's hiking shoe. The path leads over Fruttli, now with both shoes without soles. Nevertheless, we reach the Rainhütten safely and although the road to Chrummelbach is a long one, we arrive happy. We see chamois, bearded vultures and the eagle, black and green woodpeckers laugh with us, just like the sun.

The abundance of flowers and mushrooms is impressive and we recover quickly and well, try everything in and on the Bushbaby and simply enjoy peace and quiet.

3 nights

Kleines Melchtal

We saw the black vulture from the tube sheet above Jaun last year.

Today it is too windy for us and the cows take up too much space to let Dartos sleep outside. Nevertheless, we find a cozy corner to spend the night in close by, before we are pushed aside by the cows.

Fortunately, we find a new place without cattle at Alp Gambach with a view and a fountain. Walks and a great hike, always with a view of the Gastlosen, a unique rock formation.

We buy fresh Mutschli (alpine cheese) in Alp Pfyffenegg.

We definitely won't get bored, it's just wonderful to be able to live outside like that.

3 nights

At the Jaunpass

The weather forecast predicts heavy rain and floods. What now? We want sun and warmth, not shivering and getting wet.

The north-western tip of Switzerland has the least rainfall, so there is nothing like going there. The drive through the Freiburg mountains, along Lake Geneva and into the Lac du Joux region is wonderful, the sun is still shining. By chance we drive to a picnic area with a forest hut on the hill above Vaulion, Vaud. Nobody else wants to grill today, so we cook our dinner here in the pouring rain before we crawl under the roof and the blankets. Dartos is allowed to spend the night in the hut, right outside our window. In the morning the sun accompanies us on the journey through Valais, up the slope to the Grand St. Bernard and also on the other side of the tunnel, in the Aosta Valley. We escape the rain to Piedmont.

1 night


A tiny village glued to the top of the Piedmont hills. Met by chance years ago and fell in love. In the great meal in the small restaurant "Posta", where a traditional local six-course menu is served. And all around, everything is perfect.

The small pitch is ours alone, electricity and the toilet are available, but we don't need them.

We walk to the towers of the surrounding villages, through chestnut forests, hazel groves, where ripe nuts cover the ground, and through the vines with grapes that are almost ready to be picked. Warmth, silence, sun, wine and good food.

Italy welcomes us with its warm atmosphere and we stay here for three nights.

3 nights

Olmo Gentile

It is not far to the sea and it is just magical. We heard that there were hardly any tourists in Italy. That may have been the case at the beginning of July, well, in August all Italians seem to be on vacation here on the Ligurian coast. The parking spaces along the road and in the villages are all occupied. The corona-compliant beach lots with deck chairs and umbrellas are lined up. For us no attractions. We flee from Finale Ligure in the direction of the suddenly rising mountains, since we cannot imagine a night on a packed campsite. At San Filippo our street leads us curve by curve upwards until it is suddenly blocked by a construction site. The perfect place for the night. Only a few cyclists still get lost here in the evening, otherwise, apart from a few barking dogs and crowing roosters, it is quiet here in the midst of crevices and forests.

1 night

Ligurian coast

We cross Italy with the destination Po Delta - we want to watch flamingos and migratory birds.

We spend the first night in a field on the Oglio, just before the confluence with the Po. We enjoy a morning coffee nearby and the landlady of the Terrazze sul Po restaurant spoils us so much that we reserve for dinner and come back here after visiting the beautiful town of Mantova. Dinner is a gastronomic highlight paired with the best drinks - we can stay overnight in the parking lot.

Culture shock in Comacchio: the Mare e pineta campsite is huge and loud. But the nature and the town with canals and wonderful architecture are great.

The last night we spend very close to the sea in a wood in front of a "ghost restaurant". In the morning the fog enchants the sunrise, as mystical as the Venetian Carnival.

5 nights

Region Po

We use the rainy day to return. Along the Adige through Trentino with its castles, we approach the Münstertal. We can't find a nice, wild place, so we stay at the Pè da Munt. Now we explore the Münstertal on foot. The highlight is the seven-hour hike from Alp Buffalo, which we reach by post bus, through Val Mora back to the Bushbaby. Strict but uniquely beautiful.

In Samnaun we have made an agreement with Gert and can sleep right next to the hotel after dinner. On the drive through the beautiful, autumnal Vinschgau, we take a long break from reading and walking. In Samnaun we fill all the tanks at a low duty free price.

Traditionally, we briefly visit the San Jon riding school above Scuol, but there is too much activity for us and we continue. At the SLI just before Davos, like some others, we find a perfect stand for the last night.

Experienced so much and enjoyed much more, the three weeks were, as always, too short and tasted like more.

5 nights


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